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Texting May Never Be The Same Again.

Texting is becoming old fashioned and very expensive as well. Often you're restricted to the number of characters in a standard message and UK networks may actually charge you for sending picture messages.

With VoIP (voice over internet protocol) you're able to download instant message (IM) applications that enable you to use your mobile to send messages, pictures and audio files to other people who use the same app as you.

Many text apps are free of charge although may eventually require a monthly subscription at the end of a free trial period. Review the small print carefully and make sure you select an app that you know is widely used by friends you’ll be in touch with most of the time.

As with voice applications ‘IM’ apps utilize data to send and receive the messages but, unlike voice apps, they don’t use anywhere near as much data to do so. They work in the same way as normal texts in terms of sending and receiving them.

‘IM’ apps are particularly good for groups of people using the same app, especially when abroad, as they don't attract international text rates that apply when you travel outside of your home country.

There are an increasing number of ‘IM’ apps available but we’ve focussed on the most popular to provide an idea of what’s out there; Touch, What's App and ChatOn.

Whichever application you decide to download make sure you check things carefully by following the simple steps below;

  • Is it free – forever, or just for a trial period?
  • Are you charged for cross platform or cross network calls or messages?
  • How many people do you know that use the same app?
  • Do you have sufficient domestic data or access to wifi to use it cost effectively?
  • If you plan to use the app when abroad how do you avoid roaming charges for data use?