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25% of Europeans switch data functions on their mobiles off during a foreign trip to avoid high mobile data roaming charges, a recent survey has discovered.

The research carried out by the European Commission, on a base of 28,000 EU citizens, indicated that the vast majority will purposefully restrict their mobile use when travelling to other EU countries.

Just 20 % will send text messages as often as they do at home, while a further 25% will stop sending them completely, and around 33% will not make phone calls at all when abroad. Only 6% six admitted they update social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as often as when they are at home, 10% will check emails in the same way, and almost 50% will avoid browsing web pages.  The poll found that 28 % will turn their mobiles off as soon as they arrive abroad. Director General of The European Consumer Organisation, Monique Goyens, said the results demonstrated that roaming charges remained “excessive”. Many travelers are also now waking up to the alternatives such as wifi and local data sim cards so it’s in the interest of the networks to address this revenue stream they rely on.