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With thousands of excited England supporters heading to Brazil this summer the risk of being caught out in the mobile roaming trap is greater than ever. UK mobile networks may have reduced roaming charges in Europe but users can pay up to £7.00pMB to access data on their smartphones or tablets at the World Cup finals. However, savvy supporters can now avoid the roaming rip-off with a Brazil data SIM card, from roaming solutions provider The simple to use solutions provide data bundles from 5GB to 15GB offering plenty of access to the internet while you’re in Brazil.

Big UK networks are set to make a fortune out of the data roaming charges they apply in Brazil. Most of us are used to free and inclusive data in the UK and only small penalties in Europe when we roam with a lap top, tablet or smartphone. Outside the EU it’s a different story with rates rocketing to as much as £7.00 per mega-byte resulting in the possibility of huge data roaming bills when you get home. The solutions are simple and easy to adopt – simply switch your UK SIM for a Brazil data SIM or use it with a mifi device and you’ll benefit from inclusive data bundles and short term contracts to cover your trip to the World Cup.

Data bundles start at only £59.99 per 30 days, can be provided inside 48 hrs and are fully supported from the UK. Interesed? Get more details...