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The FA has a strong team in Brazil supporting The England team’s efforts at the World Cup. Up until recently they have been facing high costs for mobile data use due to the excessive roaming charges that are applied in Brazil by UK mobile operators. However, by adopting a local Brazilian solution from, the UK’s leading mobile data solutions provider, The FA is now able to avoid the excessive data roaming rates with tried and tested 3G and 4G data solutions.

During a tournament as significant as the World Cup the FA’s management team needs to operate in Brazil in the same way they would as if it were a tournament based at home. Adopting a local Brazil data SIM solution is a smart move given the roaming penalties that can be experienced. Dataroam has introduced 3G and 4G data SIM card solutions to help avoid falling foul of the extortionate charges. The Dataroam SIM cards address the problem by reducing the cost of mobile data to less than £0.03pMB. With a Brazil data SIM card users can access the internet via their handset, tablet or a mifi based solution. The FA have decided to opt for a Brazil based data solutions for the duration of the finals and are set to benefit from  huge savings whilst maintaining communications on the move.

Angus MacLeod of 0044 Ltd commented, “Over the past 10 years we’ve managed to help thousands of businesses avoid roaming charges by providing simple and easy to use solutions. However, with big sporting events like the World Cup in Brazil it means that organisations like The FA need specialist equipment to help manage the administrative activities which are critical to the smooth running of the England team’s efforts at the 2014 World Cup. We’re proud to be associated with The FA and wish them and The England squad every success in the tournament.”