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O2 proudly announced today that their ‘O2 Travel’ plan now empowers customers on pay-monthly plans to access ‘unlimited’ mobile data across Europe just in time for the holiday season. While this is a commendable gesture, particularly in the wake of the recent EU commission rulings, it seems that most commentators have missed the small print.

Yes, for £1.99 a day you can have unlimited data, that is, until you get to 100MB of general usage at which point the speed is throttled and it’ll be little use for anything other than basic emails. It’s throttled even quicker for streaming audio or visual activity at 50MB, again not allowing much freedom to do as you wish.

We feel the lesson here is to look past the offers that the big networks make and read the small print. Two quid a day makes sense if you can limit your usage (and O2 certainly will if you don’t) to 100 MB per day but if you need more than that then Dataroam’s range of SIMs still provides bigger bundles, better value and even more options than just European data roaming, from as little as £0.04pMB.