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Google, the internet search giant has released the most searched holiday destinations by UK travellers this year is Paris, France. Famous for cuisine, architecture, boutiques and art - it's no surprise that the romantic French capital has topped the list.

The USA was second, followed New York. Australia, was fourth fifth Spain, sixth Cornwall, then Italy, Turkey, Dubai and lastly Amsterdam.

The only UK destination to make it onto the list was Cornwall proving we Brits prefer to travel overseas.

Whilst the list demonstrates the popularity of these destinations it’s interesting to note that more than 50% of the foreign destinations are expensive once you arrive – particularly if you decide to use Google when you get there! Mobile data charges in half of the countries are still extortionately high at £7.00/MB if you plan to roam with your UK mobile network SIM in your smartphone or tablet. Unsurprisingly using Google maps or any other data related activity to help you get to know your new destination can be expensive, so beware. Resorting to wifi is a good choice but for best results either search for a local mobile data SIM on arrival or, better still, source one from UK based websites like or and save yourself the hassle while you enjoy your well-earned vacation.