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We were lucky enough to feature in PC Advisor's recent article: Taking the iPhone abroad? Avoid data roaming charges

The comprehensive article provides some great advice on how to avoid data roaming charges. Apart from recommending us they also provide some handy tips, information on the latest tariffs and advise downloading the brilliant app from Onavo. 

Our moment(s) of fame:

Tip 6: Switch your SIM card

Another way to avoid high roaming charges is to switch your SIM cards. UK company Dataroam has a range of pay-as-you-go and 30-day plans that it claims could save users “up to 90 percent” on international roaming charges, with pre-paid data SIMs starting at £19.99. 

Tip 7: Set up a MiFi

If a phone can’t be unlocked you could create your own personal (secure and fast) WiFi hotspot with a MiFi device, which will allow you to run up to five WiFi-enabled devices from that point – ideal for group or family trips abroad.

A Mifi is a wireless modem that emits a Wi-Fi signal that devices can connect to, ensuring access to the web for more than one person. Dataroam sells a Mifi for £89.99 that uses one of the company’s data SIMs that work out much cheaper than standard network rates abroad. Set up the Mifi as a wireless hotspot, tell your friends/family the password, and you’re up and running.