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If you are planning on supporting England in Poland & the Ukraine this Summer then keep an eye on your data usage. Unbeknown to most footy fans, since the Ukraine is not part of the European Union, users will pay much higher rates than in the rest of Europe as calls, texts and internet browsing will not be subject to price caps. So if you thought using your mobile in Europe was expensive you are in for an even bigger shock!

ukrain data simSwitch Off Data in the Ukraine!

All England's group games are in Ukraine where 1MB of mobile internet data, which can easily be used in one browsing session, costs an average of just over £6 across the five main UK networks!

If you need to keep in touch occasionally via email or quickly browse the web (less than 200MB per month) then the magic word for you is WiFi.

Firstly, switch OFF Data Roaming on your Smartphone (see your User Guide). Secondly get searching for FREE WiFi hotspots. This can be as simple as looking out for signs or downloading an application such as Wi-Fi Finder for the iPhone. This great little application will let you search for over 500K FREE & Paid For hot spots worldwide.

Be warned, Free WiFi hotspots can have their downfalls. The clue is in the word “free”. For instance you may be unable to send emails (SMTP settings) or your browsing may be limited but overall it is a convenient way to avoid expensive roaming charges. Security may also be compromised so exercise caution.

The second option is to actually pay for a WiFi connection, most hotels will offer this service and it will be considerably cheaper than roaming. 

Desperate for Data - Get a local SIM

Finally if you are desperate for data you should try and purchase a prepaid SIM card from the MTN network.You will be able to access data from just £0.02/MB. In fact, should you wish you can order the Tourism SIM which has been designed specifically for visitors to the Euros before you travel, click here. We have not purchased a SIM card from MTN so we can not fully endorse the service however we have spoken to the network operator and it is proving very popular.