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Flights, hotel, insurance, sun tan lotion... you can plan the perfect holiday but if you forget to plan your mobile data needs you could have a nasty shock on your return! The modern family is equipped with an armory of technology least of all laptops, tablets & iPhones. 


Don't be fooled by the recent lowering of data roaming tariffs in the EU. You will still have to pay £0.49/MB and if you travel further a field you can expect to pay anywhere in excess of £3.00/MB.

There may be many good reasons to travel with your iPad or tablet:

  • To Stay in Touch via email
  • For Maps and Directions
  • Entertainment During Travel
  • To Review Restaurants and Nightlife
  • To Translate or Learn About Culture

However unless you have a good WiFi connection the above will either be impossible or costly. The answer is to travel smart. We offer capped monthly data SIM cards that can be used in conjunction with a MiFi device to connect the whole family at once from £49.99/month.