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international data sim cards

It has always been our aim to bring you the best data roaming SIM cards possible. Top of our agenda has always been to source an international data roaming SIM card that makes low data usage affordable. Well the good news is that we're now set to launch two! In fact we have managed to source a pre-paid and a post-paid data SIM card both of which will be launched in the next fortnight.

International Pre-Paid Data SIM Card

The international pre-paid SIM is perfectly suited for people visiting the UK and traveling around Europe or for those people who need data access whilst in the US or Canada. Although coverage is limited to just 40 countries at present it does offer data for just £0.06/MB in the UK and £0.29/MB in Europe and the US. To find out more click here & register your interest to save 10%.

International Post-Paid Data SIM Card

Ideal for the global traveller. The post-paid international data SIM card from roamline will provide you with data access in 135 countries. Already hugely popular, this data SIM card from the Dutch network KPN allows you to roam throughout the world for either £0.35/MB or £0.85/MB. Now, at first glance this may not appear very cheap however if you make a direct comparison to roaming it will save you up to 60%! To find out more click here & register your interest to save 10%.