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Rising data roaming costs are becoming a cause of concern for IT managers around the world according to the results of a survey from iPass and MobileIron. 57% of the 477 IT executives polled by the companies said that they expect their mobile data roaming costs to rise this year!

A big reason is that people are simply hooked on their smartphones and tablets. Each mobile worker costs IT departments an average $96 (£61.30) a month on data fees alone, according to the report.

Do you think data costs will rise in 2013? If yes, what are you doing to reduce your costs?

capping data roaming costs

Capping Costs

Down under Telecom New Zealand's new international data roaming pricing is resonating strongly with Kiwi travellers with a significant spike in overall roaming and data usage following the company’s introduction of new pricing late last year. The simple plan allows users to continue with their in country data package whilst abroad for $10/day (£5.30).

During January, Telecom customer data roaming usage (in terms of total megabytes consumed) was up 174% for Australia, and up 193% in the $10 per day markets compared with January 2012.

So how much would you pay per day to use your data plan abroad?