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After recently receiving $7M of investment tech start-up Wandera could become the solution for enterprises wishing to control mobile data costs.

Unlike Onava, Wandera works by routing all data communications from enterprise smartphones through their operated server. For $4/month Wandera can monitor and ultimately control all smartphone data access. 


However, mobile data compression, is not necessarily a new phenomenon, as Martyn Williams from PC Advisor notes: "Perhaps the best known data compression system was that applied by BlackBerry. Previous versions of its software routed traffic from BlackBerry smartphones through a server that added compression. But that's changed with the recently-launched BlackBerry 10 OS, which sends data over the carrier's Internet connection."

Wandera claim that their service can:

  • Cut data by up to 60%
  • Average savings of $100/month/user on Roaming
  • Protect against bill shock
  • Enforce corporate policies

In fact by simply preventing users from viewing videos via their Smartphones Wandera will reduced data costs by 30%!

The real beauty for us is that by combining the Wandera platform with our suite of data SIM cards users can see what they are getting for their money!