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We're delighted to announce that GlobalGig and Roamline will shortly be launched on dataroam!


The real beauty of the GlobalGig service is that it provides incredible savings in the UK and abroad whilst allowing you to connect up-to 5 devices at once. 

Compact and lightweight the ZTE AC30 from GlobalGig is the perfect travel companion. The GlobalGig MiFi comes with 5GB included which can be used in the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong, Sweden and Denmark within a 30 day period.

One of the best features is its simplicity. All you need to do is switch the ZTE AC30 on and connect via the WiFi signal. This seamless use earned the Global Gig an impressive 4/5 from PCAdvisor.

Launching in early May we expect GlobalGig to be a big success. To pre-order your device and save 10% now click here


Since roamline launched earlier this year we've been keen to list them on dataroam! They may not offer the cheapest roaming rates compared to local SIM's but they do offer 2 flat global rates. Which, if you travel a lot you will realize is a real advantage. 

2 Zones, 2 Prices - One rate for Europe, USA and Canada and one rate for all other countries. The SIM offers data for £0.34/MB in Zone 1 and £0.77/MB for the rest of the world. Click here for the rates.

Another huge benefit of the roamline SIM is the data cap. This gives you the ability to limit your SIM card to a maximum amount of data per month. You can limit your SIM card to a maximum of 250MB, 500MB or 750MB.

roamline will land on dataroam soon, to pre-order your SIM and save 10% now click here.