Affilliate Program

By linking your website to, you can earn a commission whenever your users purchase a data SIM card through our website. We have the ability to track all transactions from your site, and pay you a fixed fee for every sale. You also receive commission when users who have visited your website, purchase within 30 days directly on

How much can you earn?

We pay 10% commission on any sale generated subject to monthly volumes.

Why should you join?

Maximise your earning potential by working with the number one! is the leading online roaming solutions provider. We pride ourselves on knowing what Affiliates need from a merchant. Besides generous payouts and efficient communication, providing product pages that convert into sales is crucial. We monitor our landing page conversion from our in-house sales and only include products in the programme that convert well.

  • Enhanced content - offer your users a innovative product.
  • Our affiliates platform is completely FREE to join.
  • We fulfill the orders and look after the customer care.
  • Up to date statistics - 24hrs visibility.
  • High conversion rate and cookies lasting for 30 days.
  • Quality eye catching banners that compliment your site.

How do you join?

Our affiliate program is managed and hosted by Zferral. It's very easy to become an affiliate - Click Here and follow the simple sign up instructions. It really is very simple and if you have any problems then contact us and we'll talk you through the set up.