How much can I save?

Depending on your destination you can save up to 90% vs roaming. Believe it or not UK mobile networks still charge around £0.16/MB (approx £160.00 per GB) for data in Europe and as much as £7.00/MB outside!

mobile data savings

Inside the EU

Mistakenly people tend to think they are OK to roam in Europe because of the recently imposed cap of €50 however with rates of £1.50/MB+ (Turkey) you can quickly reach this amount.

Consequently €50 is not the deal it seems when it only equates to a 30MB or one Youtube clip!

Outside the EU

This is when it starts to get really dangerous! A quick trip over the EU border or a long-haul flight to the USA and you can start to look at costs of £7.00+/MB!

According to Which?, if you’re on the UK network 3 and you go to the US, you can expect to pay more than £3,000 for 1GB usage – which would cost just £7.50 in the UK!

data use mobile applicationsWe take a look at the most common uses for mobile data. Find out how much your browsing habits are likely to cost you and if you should consider a light or heavy data SIM.

10 Facebook updates will be in the range of 2MB each day. Unless you have a GB to play with avoid uploading photos.

skype data usageSkype-to-Skype voice calls: 50kbps or around 3MB for one minute of calling. Only consider on a 30 Day Data plan!

Similar to Facebook but watch out for G+ updates, they can guzzle data. G+ is ideal for use with a prepaid SIM on the go.

twitter data usageIf you update twitter 10 times a day it’s still under a megabyte. Far cheaper than sending SMS! Just switch off streams.

Email is fine. Just avoid large emails and attachments if using our Global or European prepaid SIM cards.

firefox data usageLimit browsing the web to static website unless you either have a WiFi connection or a heavy data plan. 20 pages will use approximately 3MB.

Maps pulls down 150-200KB of data depending on location. Live nav is around 180KB/min

Accounts for 22% of all mobile data usage. At 2.25MB/Min it’s no wonder why. View in low res to save more MB’s! 

Sync offline. Streaming directly from Spotify uses just under 1MB/min, at 60MB/Hr your listening habits could become expensive!