Globalgig Activation

Globalgig Activation & Registration

When you make your initial purchase of the Globalgig pre-paid data SIM, on the website, it includes a 1GB data bundle that becomes active upon completing the registration on the Globalgig website (please refer to your user guide). At registration you will also be asked to enter your credit card details again for two primary reasons; 1. In the event that you decide to use up the initial 1GB within the 30 day period and require more data at the flat pMB rate of £0.15 across all countries and 2. In the event that you wish to extend the service for a further 30 days after the initial period. You will not be charged again at registration for the included 1GB of data. You can then simply cancel the service after 30 days to prevent further billing.

UK Resident

If you are a UK resident with a UK bank credit/debit card then you may activate in any country on but only use in the countries where Globalgig has coverage. The £GBP tariff displayed on the dataroam web site applies.

Outside the UK but in Europe

If you reside outside the UK and within Europe, and possess a non UK bank card, then you may activate in any country on and use the service in the countries where Globalgig provides coverage on the Globalgig UK website. The GBP tariff displayed on applies.

Outside of Europe

If you reside outside of Europe and have a bank card specific to your country then you may activate in any country then use in the countries covered by Globalgig but you will default to the $USD tariff as detailed on the Globalgig web site after your first months service and need to activate on the website.

Once your have registered your SIM card and assigned a credit card for billing your SIM will be activated within 4hrs

Your package typically starts on the date when you activate your account and will reset to zero usage on the same date every month for as long as you choose to continue the service. Please remember to cancel the service by contacting Globalgig if you only require a minimum 30 day connection, otherwise billing will continue on a month to month basis.