Data roaming advice

If you need to keep in touch...

If you need to keep in touch occasionally via email or quickly browse the web (less than 200MB per month) then the magic word for you is WiFi.

Firstly, switch OFF Data Roaming on your Smartphone (see your User Guide). Secondly get searching for FREE WiFi hotspots. This can be as simple as looking out for signs or downloading an application such as Wi-Fi Finder for the iPhone. This great little application will let you search for over 500K FREE & Paid For hot spots worldwide.

Be warned, Free WiFi hotspots can have their downfalls. The clue is in the word “free”. For instance you may be unable to send emails (SMTP settings) or your browsing may be limited but overall it is a convenient way to avoid expensive roaming charges. Security may also be compromised so exercise caution.

The second option is to actually pay for a WiFi connection. To save you the hassle of having to sign-on with individual suppliers we would recommend Boingo. They provide over 500k WiFi hotspots worldwide and offer unlimited mobile browsing from just $7.95/month.

If you need to keep in touch (on the go)...

If you still need access to data on the go via a smartphone then we’d recommend that you download Onavo. This brilliant application compresses the data you use on your handset. In some cases by as much as 50%!

As expected this does result in a lower resolution on images and when browsing online but if you don’t need the detail and just need the information this application is essential.

If you are a Smartphone User...

Besides making phone calls and sending text messages, most activities on a modern smartphone will consume data. These activities include; browsing the web, reading and sending e-mails, checking Facebook and Twitter, sharing photos, downloading applications, downloading music, listening to online radio and watching videos on YouTube. Did you know the average smartphone user consumes a massive 480MB/month?!

For such users we know switching mobile data off is not an option and locating WiFi is too much of a hassle then we would suggest purchasing a local Pre-Paid data SIM card.

A local SIM card can save you up to 90%! All you need to do is take your UK SIM card out of your handset, ensure it is unlocked and insert the local SIM card.

So, as you can see, it pays to switch!

Important, please note: Your device must be unlocked for the dataroam SIM card to work. Tethering is possible on certain devices but is dependent on the network, type of operating system and user knowledge of configuration - it is not guaranteed and therefore should not be relied upon. For tethering we'd always recommend a compatible Mifi device for best results when connecting other devices to your data signal.

If you are an essential User (500MB+ per month)...

If you simply can’t afford to not be online, or have a locked handset and don’t wish to have a local number then the best option is to use one of our 30 Day data SIM Card plans with a MiFi device.

MiFi units are compact, wireless devices that enable multiple users to share a single broadband connection while they are on the go. MiFis work by creating a localized WiFi hotspot. Therefore once you’ve inserted your 30 Day data SIM Card several WiFi enabled devices can benefit from the data saving simultaneously!

If you have any questions or have found another shortcut to cheaper mobile data please let us know.