How does it work?

We are a one stop shop for all your mobile data needs whilst abroad. Whether you're traveling the globe, staying in a particular country or visiting us in the UK we have a solution. 

How does it work? All you need to do is either switch your SIM card for a dataroam SIM card or place one our SIM cards into a MiFi device and connect via a MiFi. 

data sim cardData SIM Cards

It all starts here. Basically by replacing your SIM card with one of our data SIM cards you can avoid all roaming charges and save a small fortune, up to 90% in some instances! Most of these data SIM cards can slot into any unlocked mobile phone, USB Dongle, tablet or MiFi device to help you connect to the web for less...a lot less.

MiFi Device

If you're anything like us you don't just travel with your mobile, you take along your laptop, ipad, camera too. This is where our exclusive MiFi device comes in. By inserting a data SIM card into our MiFi device you can connect up to 5 WiFi enabled devices simultaneously. Not only is this brilliant because it saves you a lot of hassle, it also means you don't need to unlock your mobile and can share your connection with friends.

TOP TIP: Another advantage of our MiFi device, apart from its sleek styling, data monitoring and extra long battery life is that it's also unlocked so you can use any data SIM card you want.