UK Pre-Paid Data SIM Card


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New! UK data SIM

  • Data from £0.05/MB*
  • £24.99 inc 250MB
  • Save up to 90%!
  • £69.99 SIM with 250MB & Mifi
  • Top-Up Online

Coverage & Rates Info

  • UK & Ireland £0.05/MB
  • Europe £0.05/MB
  • USA, India, Japan £0.05/MB
  • Zone A data bundles (60 country coverage)
  • Zone B data bundles (120 country coverage)


Save up to 90%vs Roaming!

The pre-paid UK Data SIM Card offers data from just £0.05/MB and covers 120 countries world wide! It can be bought as a SIM only option or with a mifi for sharing your connection and includes 250MB of data to get you started.

The data SIM is perfect for use in the UK & Europe and offers mobile data in 120 countries from as little as £0.05/MB with the addition of a 1GB data bundle.

Recommended Usage

The pre-paid UK data SIM card from Ekit is ideal for people who want to send basic emails, browse websites, update social media etc. Discover how much data you need.

Unlocked Device

unlocking advice for data simJust insert the pre-paid UK data SIM card into an unlocked smartphone (exc Blackberry), tablet, USB or MiFi device and away you go.

The data SIM card is prepaid so there is no need to worry about 'Bill Shock'. If you wish to connect multiple devices at once then our SIM & MiFi solution is the perfect answer.

Data Bundles

Data bundles are available to top-up your data allowance after your initial credit is used up. Once added data can be accessed at a flat rate across all countries covered. The inital data bundle on the SIM is valid for 14 days* from first activation, use or testing. Two data bundle options are available for topping up - Zone A covering 60 destinations, and Zone B covers a further 60 destinations providing a total coverage across 120 countries. When you add further data bundles they are only activated once any remaining credit is used up or if your remaining credit expires after 30 days* (unless you add a different zone in which case it immediately replaces existing bundles.) At that point the new data bundle becomes active for 30 days. (Data bundles are currently only available in $USD.) Minimum data session charged in 1MB increments.

Data Bundle Options;

  • Zone A (60 countries)
  • 500MB $39.00, 1GB $69.00, 2GB $119.00
  • Zone B (120 countries)
  • 250MB $29.00, 500MB $49.00, 1GB $89.00
  • * Data bundle validity; 250/500MB 14 days expiry, 1/2GB 30 days expiry.

Adding Credit

The UK data SIM operates on a pay-as-you-go basis and so you're protected against any overspend. You'll get an initial 250MB to use at a flat rate in the UK and 120 countries. The data bundle becomes active on first use in the UK or abroad.Your connection will cut out to protect you once your data bundle has been used. It's then quick and easy to top-up your data allowance on-line wherever you are. The SIM is only available at purchase with 250MB and bundles can be added once you receive the SIM and create an account.The SIM is valid for 12 months after last use and simply needs to be topped up with a new data bundle to get connected again.

Mifi Connectivity

The data SIM is perfect for use in your unlocked device but if you need to connect several devices as a group, for leisure or business, then our Mifi is the perfect solution. The Mifi uses the data SIM to create your own personal wifi hot spot providing security and convenience when you travel abroad. The JT Hotspot includes a USB charging cable which can be plugged into a PC or lap top to charge the Hotspot. Alternatively you can use a suitable mains socket plug adaptor and charge from the mains as required.

  • Connects upto 10 wifi enabled devices
  • Micro SD card slot
  • LED status indicators
  • Supports GPRS/3G/HSDPA data
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n

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