1. Choose a dataroam SIM

Eliminate data roaming charges

Replace your existing SIM with a datroam SIM or connect via a MiFi.Choose from, Pre-Paid SIM cards for medium users or 30 Day SIM cards for heavy users.

2. Share your data connection

Use a dataroam SIM in a MiFi

-    Use our MiFi to connect multiple devices
-    A portable Wi-Fi network for mobile internet
-    Pre-configured for 'Plug & Play' mobile web

3. Travel & Save

Get data abroad from just £0.02/MB!

-    Save up-to 90% versus roaming charges
-    Get 3G mobile data access across the globe
-    Pre-Paid & 30 Day SIM cards

Save up to 90%

Data roaming rates from just £0.02/MB

Looking for data roaming plans that are flexible, affordable, and commitment-free? Look no further than dataroam

Control your costs

Choose a pre-paid or 30 day plan

Because you can buy a Pre-Paid SIM or choose a 30 Day SIM plan, you’ll always be in control of your mobile data costs.


Global Coverage

Coverage in over 140 countries

Use a local data SIM for maximum benefit in a country or an international data SIM for multi-country usage. We provide local data SIM cards for many countries including the UK, USA, Spain, France and a European data SIM.