O2 roaming rates set to double - £6.00/MB!

If you were one of the 18 Million O2 users in the UK this week you will have received an unwanted SMS from O2 explaining their plans to double the price to roaming outside of the EU.

O2 will raise charges for making calls by up to 30p per minute, for receiving calls by up to 51p, and for sending texts by up to 15p. Whilst their data roaming rate will remain at £6.00/MB!

Now given the demand for mobile data has almost doubled in the last 12 months and the average smartphone user consumes 30MB a day it means that users could be faced will costs of £180/day!

However if you are a savvy shopper their is no need to worry. We offer a wide range of data SIM cards that will still allow you to access data outside the EU from as little as £0.01/MB! We also plan to launch a global data SIM card next month that will keep costs down and save you 90% versus O2.