Cellhire 30 Day Data SIM FAQ's


Data Consumption

Data roaming costs can be incredibly expensive so to avoid "Bill Shock" we've tried our best to minimize any risk of overage charges. Our pre-paid SIMs limit your exposure and many of the Cellhire 30 Day Data SIM's offer unlimited bundles or feature large amounts of data. However, we would always recommend that you manage your data consumption closely.

How much is 1GB? 

Here is what you get with 1GB:

  • Approximately one month of active GPS navigation (Google Maps or Waze)
  • 3000 minutes of Internet VoIP calls (Skype, Viber) - not available on the dataroam products
  • Viewing about 400 web pages
  • Listening to streamed internet radio for 30 hours
  • Sending/Receiving about 2000 emails
  • 10 hours of video chatting
  • Uploading 500 photos to social networks (Facebook, MySpace)

Please note that any and all data consumption is the responsibility of the end user and will be charged for in the appropriate manner. 

Fair Usage Policy

As a general point all mobile data tariffs are subject to a fair use policy in order to ensure that the service is fast and reliable for all customers in country. If your usage is excessively high, we may get in touch to discuss how we can reduce your usage. If your usage continues to be excessive, we reserve the right to charge you for additional usage, limit the speed of service or terminate the connection.

Roaming and data caps

All SIMs will be provided with the roaming bar active, for use in the home country only. If you wish to lift this bar you will be required to provide an additional deposit and higher roaming charges may apply.

The European 30 day sim is opted in to the EU Data Cap regulations and the cap is in place at 50€. When this cap is reached you will be unable to use the SIM until either the following month when the cap resets or by opting out of having the cap on your account. Due to the stepped nature of our charging when roaming in the Rest of the World you will be capped at the end of the first day’s usage as moving to a second day would exceed the cap. Should you opt out of having the cap on your account the charges will be Rest of the World, £30.00 per 100 MB or per 24 hours which ever comes first. For Europe, should you opt out charges are £9.99 per 100 MB or per 24 hours which ever comes first. These charges will apply once the 1GB data bundle has been used in Europe and will apply immediately if the SIM is used outside of Europe and the UK. To opt out of the cap please email us for further details upon receipt of the SIM.

Who are Cellhire?

Cellhire PLC is one of the world's largest providers of mobile phone rental solutions. In conjunction with Cellhire we have developed the exclusive dataroam 30 Day SIM card range. This unique solution allows you to stay online and in control of your costs.Please note all billing is conducted by Cellhire and your bank statement will display Cellhire rather than dataroam.

Plan Duration & payment

The 30 Days Data SIM cards work on a 30 day rolling period or on a calendar month basis from the date of activation. Please check the specific web page for details. Payment for 30 day plan products must be with a valid credit card or by setting up a business account (debit cards are not accepted). You will be billed on a pro-rata basis if you do not return the SIM card at the end of the agreed rental period. As soon as the SIM is returned safely, via a secure method, the account will be closed and your security deposit immediately refunded. Please refer to the specific web page, your order confirmation email or user guide for billing periods and returns advice. 30 day rolling plans can be taken out at any point in a month and returned 30 days later. Calendar month plans must be returned at the end of the calendar month regardless of when they are taken out. If a Calendar month plan is required for use across consecutive months then two month's rental applies.

Proof of identification

Due to legal requirements and to minimize the risk of fraud we require proof of your identification. We will accept a scanned or hard copy of your Passort and a Utility Bill. If you don't have these available please contact us to discuss alternative arrangements.

Is the deposit actually taken from my account?

Yes. The £100.00 deposit is taken from your account as a separate payment but it is not used to offset any data charges. As soon as the SIM is returned the refund of the deposit is completed back to your account immediately. (Excludes France/Spain.)

What do I do if I lose the SIM or it is stolen?

In the event of this happening it is vital that you contact the network or dataroam.co.uk with full details of the SIM and your name and address so that we can bar the SIM and protect any credit or prevent further usage. Until the SIM is reported lost or stolen then all usage is the responsibility of the customer. Often we can arrange replacement SIMs but this is dealt with on a case by case basis. 

Device Suitability

First and foremost we'd recommend ourMiFi devicefor simple plug and play usage. Alternatively the data SIM cards will work in mostunlocked; dongles, tablets or MiFi device (the 30 day plan SIMs are not designed to work in smartphones). If in doubt then please email us for advice. Device specific data plans are available (e.g. BlackBerry and Apple iphone) but these are only for use in the specified devices and usage in other devices will incur overage charges.

Will the data SIM work in a BlackBerry?

Generally they will not as BlackBerry devices require specific settings. If in doubt please email us first before purchase and we’ll advise or try to offer an alternative solution.


I'm not getting a signal, what's the problem?

This can happen due to one of 3 reasons:

  1. Your device is locked for use with external SIM cards meaning you will be unable to use your phone with SIM cards that do not belong to your native carrier. Please contact your carrier to unlock your device.
  2. You are located in an area with no GSM data coverage. Please change your location and restart your device. 
  3. Your device is set to be used with the wrong carrier. Please go to your settings menu and set "Carrier Selection" to "Automatic" or check your APN settings.

Can I use the SIM for VoiP calls?

It will facilitate VoiP calls but you would need to download a suitable VoiP application onto your device (note; the 30 day SIMs are not suitable for use with smartphones.)

What is the connection speed? 

The speed can vary depending on the strength of the signal. On average, the connection speed is 5.6Mbps but can reach a maximum of 7.2Mbps.

Can I test the SIM in the UK before I travel?

No, this is generally not possible as most solutions are roam barred for use in the specific country but some pre-paid multi-destination solutions can be tested. Please refer to the product page or email us to check before purchase.

What if I’m unable to connect once I’m abroad?

We provide front line support 24/7 via email and over the phone during normal office hours. If we can’t provide an immediate solution we’ll enlist the help of technicians from the network you are using and ensure that any problems are corrected promptly.

Can I use the data SIMs to make calls and send texts?

On certain data SIMs you can but it is important to check the tariffs for voice and texting first. The data SIMs are supplied for data usage so we do not display current tariff information and therefore suggest you do not use voice/text functionality or disable these features whist using the SIM.