Asian Data SIM Card FAQ's

Where can I use the Asian Data SIM Card?

The Asian Data SIM Card covers 11 countries across Asia Pacific:  Australia (Optus), Hong Kong (CSL), India (Airtel), Indonesia (Telkomsel), Macau (CTM), Malaysia (Maxis), Philippines (Globe), Singapore (SingTel), South Korea (SK Telecom), Taiwan (Taiwan Mobile) and Thailand (AIS).

What is the Validity of the Asian Data SIM Card?

Once you activate your SIM card the 1-day usage is valid until 23:59hrs (11.59pm) of the same day, according to the time zone of the location where the card has been activated.

Example 1 - SIM card is activated and used in Singapore:  

  • You activate your SIM card at 1000hrs (10.00am) in Singapore on 1st June. 
  • Your usage is valid till 2359hrs (11.59pm) on 1st June, Singapore time.

Example 2 - SIM card is activated in Singapore and you traveled to Indonesia:  

  • You activate your 1-day SIM card at 1000hrs (10.00am) in Singapore on 1st June.
  • Your usage is valid till 2259hrs (10.59pm) on 1st June, Indonesia time, due to the time difference between Singapore and Indonesia.

What is the validity of the initial credit?

Your SIM card is loaded with one or two days starter credit, valid for 90 days from your date of activation. You can check your starter credit expiry date via your online user account. 

How do I top-up the SIM?

You can top-up online or via your mobile phone (USSD). Using Visa, Mastercard and Amex. PLEASE NOTE: Your first top-up must be done online with your credit card before you can perform subsequent top-ups via mobile phone (USSD).

Is there an expiry date for the SIM card?

Your SIM card is valid for 90 days from your activation date, or last top up/starter credit expiry date. You can check your SIM card expiry date online.

What are the APN settings for the SIM card?

You may need to configure your device with "bridge" APN, if it has not been auto-configured.

  • For manual setting, go to your device: Menu – Setting – Networks – in the APN box, type "bridge"
  • For smartphones with iOS 4 & above, Android 2.3 & above and Symbian operating systems, the default APN may be auto-configured.

Copy of ID

A copy of your Passport/Citizen ID is needed for the registration of the Asian data SIM card. You will be requested to upload a copy of your Passport/Citizen ID upon confirmation of your online order.

Who are Bridge Alliance and where are they from?

Bridge Alliance is Asia Pacific’s leading mobile alliance group with a strong partnership of top-class mobile carriers in the region, with a combined customer base of over 400 million as of June 2011. Based in Singapore the Bridge Alliance offers a truly unique solution to data roaming.