Canadian Data SIM Cards

Our Canadian data SIMs are designed to provide easy access to mobile data in Canada, whether through your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or even for several users with a MiFi. Compare the two Canadian data SIM deals available.

Our pay-as-you-go data SIM for Canada includes 200MB or 500MB data bundles with further top up options available on-line. For heavier users the post-paid 30 day Canadian data SIM offers a massive 5GB of mobile data in Canada with amazing low rates for additional out of bundle data on a MB basis.

  • SIM only deals or SIM & MiFi options
  • Mobile internet data from less than £0.02/MB
  • Perfect in unlocked tablets or MiFi's
  • Control your mobile data costs in Canada
  • Order standard, micro or nano options

Light Users

  • £24.99 inc 200MB
  • Simple payg control
  • Data from £0.10pMB
  • Ideal for Smartphones/tablets
  • Top-Up Online
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Heavy Users

  • Only £89.99 / 30 days
  • 5GB included
  • Data for £0.02/MB
  • No contract
  • Ideal for MiFi & Dongles
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