Data Packages GlobalGig

IMPORTANT: Unless you cancel your Globalgig service by email within 30 days you will be charged £39.00 for 1GB on a monthly basis, unless you choose one of the options below:

  1. Cancel the service by email via;  This is FREE to do and the service can be reactivated for £20.00. 
  2. Pay just £3.50/month to keep the service active. You will then be charged £0.15/MB for any use.
  3. Select any of the plans below to suit your usage:

Other Plans

Sometimes 1GB simply isn't enough or you'll need great data rates for longer. This is the real advantage of Globalgig, you can easily switch between plans to discover what suits you. Once you have purchased the initial 1GB from dataroam you can easily switch.

1GB Plans

  • 1GB for 1 Month - £39.00/month (inc VAT). Out of bundle £0.15/MB
  • 1GB for 3 Months - £25.00/month (inc VAT). Out of bundle £0.15/MB
  • 1GB for 12 Months - £20.00/month (inc VAT). Out of bundle £0.15/MB

2GB Plans

  • 2GB for 3 Months - £48.00/month (inc VAT). Out of bundle £0.15/MB
  • 2GB for 12 Months - £39.00/month (inc VAT). Out of bundle £0.15/MB

5GB Plans

  • 5GB for 12 Months - £91.00/month (inc VAT). Out of bundle £0.15/MB
  1. If you choose to terminate your Globalgig service prior to the end of the contracted period you will be responsible to pay for the remaining months of the contract term
  2. When joining Globalgig you will be asked to agree to recurring charges from a credit/debit card. If this payment arrangement ends then this charge may be levied for any one-off payments necessary                     
  3. If your account is terminated this fee will apply to reconnect your service and you will also need to pay for a replacement SIM card 
  4. You may require a new SIM card if yours is broken, lost, your service is terminated or potentially to get access to the Globalgig service in some additional countries in the future. Additional postage charges will apply.                     
  5. At the end of your contracted payment period you may choose to suspend your monthly plan and move to a Pay per MB plan which will be charged at £3.50 per month plus the £0.15/MB charge


  • The Globalgig service plans provide customers with a monthly inclusive allowance. Any un-used allowance does not roll over to the next month.         
  • If you terminate your contract your service will be switched off at your next billing anniversary cycle.                                         
  • If you change your monthly plan, this change will take effect from the start of the next billing cycle if you provide at least 48 hours notice to the end of your existing billing cycle. Otherwise this change will take place at the start of the subsequent billing cycle.     
  • All prices are defined and charged subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant purchase agreement.