eKIT Data SIM Card FAQ's

Data Consumption

The pre-paid data SIM card is indeed exactly that; pre-paid. Therefore you’re always in control of your spend. However, we would always recommend that you manage your data consumption closely to avoid any "bill shock" or prepaid credit rapidly being used up.

eKIT provide an online account so that you can manage your usage and expenditure. Please note that any and all data consumption is the responsibility of the end user and will be charged for in the appropriate manner.

How long will the SIM & credit remain active?

Initial data included on the SIM is vlaid for 14 days and bundles purchased thereafter have a validity period of 14-30 days, depending on bundle size, once activated. Any new bundles purchased will activate once existing credit has been used up or reaches it's 30 day validity period. Adding a different zone bundle will replace the exisiting bundle immediately. The SIM will remain active for 12 months after last use but a further bundle must be applied before 12 months to keep it valid.

Are there any charges if you don't use the SIM card for a while?

No, there are no monthly fees if not in use but the SIM will expire 12 months after last use.


Pre-paid 3G Data is available in 120 countries.

Tip 1: Please refer to the coverage list for countries covered.

Tip 2: 3G offers generally good coverage in most destinations but it is not 100%

Tip 3: The majority of GPRS phones can download data at speeds of up to 24kbps (kilobytes per second), and upload data at speeds of up to 14 kbps. 3G speeds are generally significantly faster than GPRS (although they vary by handset model). If you wish to use your phone for accessing the internet and responding to email, we recommend purchasing a 3G phone.

Tip 4: Many smartphone handsets automatically run applications that will use data such as push email, weather applications, location services, etc. We recommend that you disable automatic applications on your smartphone when roaming.

Device Suitability

First and foremost we'd recommend our MiFi device for simple plug and play usage. Alternatively the data SIM cards will work in most unlocked; dongles, tablets, smartphones, or MiFi devices. Tethering is possible with the data SIM but is not guaranteed and may require network support on configuration. Certain devices may not allow tethering and some networks also block the activity. For tethering we'd always recommend the use of a Mifi device.

Will the data SIM work in a BlackBerry?

Unfortunately the eKIT data SIM card will not work in a Blackberry handset.

I'm not getting a signal, what's the problem?

This can happen due to one of 3 reasons:

    1. Your device is locked for use with external SIM cards. Meaning, you will be unable to use your phone with SIM cards that do not belong to your native carrier. Please contact your carrier to unlock your device. 
    2. You are located in an area with no GSM data coverage.
    3. Your device is set to be used with the wrong carrier. Please go to your settings menu and set "Carrier Selection" to "Automatic" or check your APN settings.

      Can I use the SIM for VoiP calls?

      You can use the SIM to access VOIP through independent applications like Frig, Viber and Skype but please be aware that this can exhaust credit rapidly. Text applications can also be supported and use less data.

      What is the connection speed?

      The speed can vary depending on the strength of the signal. On average, the connection speed is 5.6Mbps but can reach a maximum of 7.2Mbps.

      Can I test the SIM in the UK before I travel?

      Yes you can. The SIM will roam in the UK but this also activates the initial bundle.

      How do I contact customer service?

      We would always recommend that you contact the network (eKIT) first since they can provide technical assistance. If you need support with billing, technical problems, PIN and PUK numbers eKIT provide a 24/7 Freephone number for use in the UK: 0800 376 2370 if you are outside the UK click here for other local Freephone numbers.

      Can I use the data SIMs to make calls and send texts?

      No, it is for data only - unless you are using voice or text apps.

      What do I do if I lose the SIM or it is stolen?

      Please contact eKIT directly, or dataroam.co.uk, on the details provided in your pack. They will be able to bar your SIM and prevent any further spend.

      Do I have to log into a specific network to use it?

      No, your eKIT data SIM card card logs in automatically. 

      What telephone number does the SIM have?

      The SIM card has a UK (Jersey Telecom) +44 07 number and this is printed on the SIM card holder - this should be used to log into your account but cannot receive or make calls.