Do I need a tri-band device?

Yes you do. In the USA, GSM operators use GSM 850 or 1900 frequency. Therefore you need either a tri-band or a dual-band device that has GSM 850 or 1900 capability; otherwise your device handset will not work in the USA.

Data Consumption

The USA pre-paid data SIM card is indeed exactly that; pre-paid, so you’re always in control of your spend. However, we would always recommend that you manage your data consumption closely to avoid any "bill shock" or pre-paid credit rapidly being used up. Your on-line account will enable you to monitor how much data you are using and when it will expire.

eKIT provide an online account so that you can manage your usage and expenditure. Please note that any and all data consumption is the responsibility of the end user and will be charged for in the appropriate manner.

How long will the SIM & credit remain active?

Your data bundles are valid for 30 days from first use. Once you add a further data bundle is will become active either when your existing credit is used up or the 30 day validity period is reached, whichever occurs first. The SIM remains valid for 12 months from the date of last use and can be re-activated in that time by adding a further data bundle. For all data bundle options and prices please refer to the main USA data SIM web page and shopping basket options.

Are there any charges if you don't use the SIM card for a while?

No, there are no charges for non use once your bundle expires.


The USA data SIM will work across the USA plus in 39 other countries worldwide. Please refer to the main product page for coverage map details and additional countires covered.

Device Suitability

First and foremost we'd recommend our MiFi device for simple plug and play usage. Alternatively the data SIM cards will work in most unlocked; dongles, tablets, smartphones, or MiFi devices. 

Will the data SIM work in a BlackBerry?

Unfortunately the eKIT USA data SIM card will not work in a Blackberry handset.

I'm not getting a signal, what's the problem?

This can happen due to one of 3 reasons:

    1. Your device is locked for use with external SIM cards. Meaning, you will be unable to use your phone with SIM cards that do not belong to your native carrier. Please contact your carrier to unlock your device. 
    2. You are located in an area with no GSM data coverage.
    3. Your device is set to be used with the wrong carrier. Please go to your settings menu and set "Carrier Selection" to "Automatic" or check your APN settings.

      How do I Set-Up email?

      It's very easy to set-up your email, refer to your user guide or the user guide link on the web page.

      Can I use the SIM for calls?

      Unfortunately you cannot make calls but if you download a VOIP based app you will be able to make VOIP based calls.

      What is the connection speed?

      The speed can vary depending on the strength of the signal. On average, the connection speed is 5.6Mbps but can reach a maximum of 7.2Mbps.

      Can I test the SIM in the UK before I travel?

      Yes you can. The SIM will roam in the UK.

      How do I contact customer service?

      We would always recommend that you contact the network (eKIT) first since they can provide technical assistance. If you need support with billing, technical problems, PIN and PUK numbers eKIT provide a 24/7 Freephone number for use in the UK: 0800 376 2370 if you are outside the UK click here for other local Freephone numbers.

      Can I use the data SIMs to make calls and send texts?

      No, but various apps are available for voice and text and these can be used.

      What do I do if I lose the SIM or it is stolen?

      Please contact eKIT directly, or dataroam.co.uk, on the details provided in your pack. They will be able to bar your SIM and prevent any further spend.

      Do I have to log into a specific network to use it?

      No, your eKIT data SIM card card logs in automatically. 

      What telephone number does the SIM have?

      The SIM card has a UK +44 07 Jersey Telecom mobile number and this is printed on the SIM card and used for logging in to your account. It cannot be used to make or receive calls.


      The international data SIM will work in a MiFi, tablet & USB device or lap top. Tethering is possible although not guaranteed and varies with each device. Additional support from the network customer support team can be provided, but for tethering we'd always recommend the use of a mifi.