French 30 Day Blackberry Plan

french blackberry simThe French Blackberry Data SIM also offers fantastic voice and SMS rates.

French Blackberry Voice Plan

  • £0.19/min to mobiles & landlines in France.
  • Free to receive calls
  • £0.16 for local SMS
  • £0.14/min Voicemail

International Calls & SMS

  • £0.30/min to UK landlines & mobiles.
  • £0.29 for international SMS


  • Unlimited: The BlackBerry (B.E.S.) unlimited data Smartphone plan is based on a BlackBerry device being used with the BlackBerry APN settings. All other non BlackBerry usage or tethering will incur additional per MB charges at £1.99/MB. A fair usage policy applies, the network reserves the right to reduce the speed on excessive usage.

How long is the plan?

The 30 Day French Data SIM card operates on a 30 day rolling plan. This means that you can either choose to continue your plan after 30 days by retaining the SIM card or cancelling your plan by returning the SIM card to us.