French Data SIM Cards

If you need mobile data in France Dataroam's French data SIMs are the perfect solution for accessing data when using a laptop, smartphone or tablet or even for groups of travellers with a MiFi device to share your connection. There are two French data roaming plans for occasional and frequent use to compare.

The pay-as-you-go French data SIM from SimplyRoam provides a flexible option with on-line top ups and account management plus the ability to add data as you need it. Available as SIM only with either 200MB or 1GB data bundles or with a mifi device for sharing your connection.

For those needing larger amounts of data the 30 day French data SIM offers unlimited 3G and 4G data in France with huge unlimited data bundles of 3,6 & 10GB, so your spending is capped no matter how much French data you consume.

  • SIM only deals or SIM & MiFi options
  • Data from less than £0.01pMB in France
  • Works in most unlocked devices
  • Control your mobile internet expenditure in France
  • Choose from standard, micro and nano options

Light Users

  • SIM + 200MB £19.99
  • Optional MiFi device
  • Data from £0.05pMB
  • 1GB bundle option
  • European coverage
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Heavy Users

  • From £49.00 / 30 days
  • 3,6,10GB included
  • Unlimited data!
  • 3G and 4G data
  • 98% French coverage
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