German Data SIM Cards

Dataroam's German data SIMs provide quick and easy access to mobile internet in Germany, whether through a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even for multiple users with a MiFi. There are three German data roaming SIMs available to compare.

Our pay-as-you-go data SIMs for Germany provide the ability to top up your data SIM with data bundles at any time to suit your travel plans and data needs.

For frequent travellers the post-paid Globalgig data SIM offers short term 3 month data plans that can be cancelled or upgraded to suit your needs, as well as additional data at a low per MB basis.

  • SIM only deals or SIM & MiFi options
  • Data from less than £0.02/MB in Germany
  • Works in unlocked smartphones, tablets or MiFi's
  • Control your mobile data costs abroad
  • Available as standard, micro and nano options

Light Users

  • SIM with 250MB £24.99
  • Optional MiFi & SIM
  • PAYG data from £0.05/MB
  • Online 1GB top ups
  • 120 countries covered
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Heavy Users

  • SIM + 200MB £19.99
  • Opitonal MiFi & SIM
  • 100+ countries covered
  • PAYG data from £0.06pMB
  • 200, 500MB & 1GB top ups
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SIM & MiFi

  • SIM with 1GB £23.99
  • Data from £0.02pMB
  • 70 countries covered
  • 3 month plans & upgrades
  • Mifi & SIM option available
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