Netherlands Data SIM Cards

The dataroam Dutch data SIMs are the perfect solutions for accessing mobile data in The Netherlands, when using a laptop, smartphone or tablet or even for groups of travellers with a MiFi. There are two Netherland data roaming plans to choose from.

The pay-as-you-go Netherlands data SIM from SimplyRoam provides a flexible option with on-line top ups and account management plus the ability to add data as you need it. Available as SIM only with either 200MB at £19.99, a 1GB data bundle at £49.99 or with a mifi device for sharing your connection.

For those needing larger amounts of data the post-paid 30 day Netherlands data SIM offers 3G mobile data in The Netherlands with a huge 7GB bundle of data.

  • SIM only deals or SIM & MiFi options
  • Data from less than £0.02/MB in The Netherlands
  • Works in unlocked iPhones, smartphones, tablets or MiFi devices
  • Control your mobile internet expenditure
  • Choose from standard, micro and nano options

Light Users

  • SIM + 200MB £19.99
  • Optional MiFi device
  • Data from £0.05pMB
  • 1GB bundle option
  • Dutch & EU coverage
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Heavy Users

  • Only £49.99 / 30 days
  • Huge 7GB included
  • Fast 3G mobile data
  • Data from £0.02pMB
  • 95% coverage
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