Pay-As-You-Go Data Bundle Pricing

With the data SIM you are in full control of your data usage and how much you spend. When you buy your Simplyroam data SIM it includes a pre-paid data bundle to get you started, enabling you to test it before you travel or to use it immediately on arrival at your destination. Your personal top-up portal can also be accessed on-line once you have registered an account - you can then monitor your usage, check validity remaining and manage many other aspects of your account including adding further data bundles. The European data SIM includes a zone 1 200MB or 1GB bundle covering 33 countries, whilst the international data SIM includes 200MB or 500MB covering 49 countries across zones 1 & 2.

Data Bundles;

Simplyroam data bundles are available to purchase on-line 24-7 and are added to your account immediately after you make your purchase. For simplicity and convenience they are divided into three zoned regions and are available in three different bundle sizes. Data bundle prices below and on the top up portal are charged in Euros (ex VAT) and will be converted by your payment card provider (£GBP bundle pricing will be available during Nov 2015.)

Zone 1 (see coverage link for destinations covered)

200MB - 14.99 €

500MB - 36.99 €

1GB - 59.99 €

(If full 1GB bundle used then equivalent per MB rate is £0.05pMB)

Zone 2 (see coverage link for destinations covered)

200MB - 20.99 €

500MB - 51.99 €

1GB - 98.49 €

(If full 1GB bundle used then equivalent per MB rate is £0.07pMB)

Zone 3 (see coverage link for destinations covered)

100MB - 29.99 € (100MB option available for zone 3 only)

200MB - 59.49 €

500MB - 147.99 €

1GB - 280.99 €

(If full 1GB bundle used then equivalent per MB rate is £0.19pMB)

Data Bundle Validity

Each data bundle is valid for 30 days from first usage or until the data bundle is exhausted, whichever occurs first. Once you first use your inital data bundle that is provided with the SIM the 30 day period commences so plan any device tests ahead of travelling carefully to prolong the bundle validity. You may top-up manually as you need to, select start dates on your personal account for future data bundles and also opt for auto top-ups if required (if selecting auto top-up be sure to monitor usage and de-activate after each trip.)

Your Personal On-line Account

There are many benefits available by creating your own account and this can be done quickly, easily and free of charge once you receive your SIM.

Benefits of an account:

• Live data usage information
• Automated data usage notification emails
• Quick top-up without remembering a Sim ID
• Queuing plans for changes in countries visited
• Ability to upgrade a current bundle’s zone
• Use of auto-reload
• Remembering credit card details
• Remembering VAT details

Adding or Converting Bundles
You may add any data bundle from any of the three zones to your data SIM regardless of the initial SIM & bundle you purchase. For instance, if you bought the SIM with a zone 1 European 1GB bundle, used half of the bundle, then decided to travel to the USA (covered by zone 2 bundles), you could upgrade the remaining 500MB data of the zone 1 bundle to work in zone 2 by paying the small difference in cost of the bundles - confirmed via your on-line account (e.g. zone 2 - 500MB at €51.99 less zone 1- 500MB at €36.99 = upgrade cost of €15.00 to a zone 2 bundle). You could also add a new zone 2 bundle and it would be queued behind your upgraded bundle. The new zone 2 bundle will then start as soon as the upgraded bundle is fully used up. This process is fully accessible on your on-line account to help you manage your spend. If you then travel back to a zone 2, or zone 1, country the remaining data will be available for the remainder of the 30 day validity period across all zones. Important; You must initially activate your pre-loaded bundle (e.g. via a test 24/48hrs before departure) to be able to upgrade it and to add further data. If a data bundle is added to the SIM via the portal prior to the original bundle being used/activated then the original bundle will be lost.