PrePaid Data SIM FAQ's

Data Consumption

Fortunately the prepaid data SIM cards are exactly as they are described; prepaid, therefore you’re always in control of your spend. However, we would always recommend that you manage your data consumption closely to avoid any "bill shock" or prepaid credit rapidly being used up.

Please note that any and all data consumption is the responsibility of the end user and will be charged for in the appropriate manner.


The prepaid SIM cards are designed for optimal benefit in their home country. Although many will roam we do not promote this functionality and would not recommend doing so due to increased roaming costs. The rates we publish reflect usage in the home country or countries covered by the SIM. Roaming costs can be obtained directly from the network if required.

Credit & validity

The prepaid SIM cards normally include starter credit for immediate use although some require a top-up to be made upon receipt of the SIM. The credit can be used for data consumption and, in some cases, for normal voice calls/texts but please refer to the specific product page or email us for further details. Additional credit can be added via online accounts or via local retailers but each SIM can be different so please refer to the website or user guide. Credit is valid for specific periods depending on the SIM and can expire if unused within the stated validity period.

Device Suitability

First and foremost we'd recommend our MiFi device for simple plug and play usage. Alternatively the data SIM cards will work in most unlocked; dongles, tablets, smartphones, or MiFi devices. 

Will the data SIM work in a BlackBerry?

Generally they will not as BlackBerry devices require specific settings. If in doubt please email us first before purchase and we’ll advise or try to offer an alternative solution.

I'm not getting a signal, what's the problem?

This can happen due to one of 3 reasons:

  1. Your device is locked for use with external SIM cards. Meaning, you will be unable to use your phone with SIM cards that do not belong to your native carrier. Please contact your carrier to unlock your device.
  2. You are located in an area with no GSM data coverage. Please change your location and restart your device. 
  3. Your device is set to be used with the wrong carrier. Please go to your settings menu and set "Carrier Selection" to "Automatic" or check your APN settings.

Can I use the SIM for VoiP calls (e.g. Skype or Facetime)?

In some instances you may be able to use third party applications however we can not provide support or guarantee use since it is  ultimately controlled by the network operators and can be changed at anytime.

What is the connection speed?

The speed can vary depending on the strength of the signal. On average, the connection speed is 5.6Mbps but can reach a maximum of 7.2Mbps.

Can I test the SIM in the UK before I travel?

No, this is generally not possible since the data SIM card must be used in its home country before it can roam. If you have a multi-destination data SIM that includes UK coverage then you may test it in the UK before using it abroad.

What if I’m unable to connect once I’m abroad?

Please get in touch. We provide front line support 24/7 via email and over the phone during normal office hours. If we can’t provide an immediate solution we’ll enlist the help of technicians from the network you are using and ensure that any problems are corrected promptly.

Can I use the data SIMs to make calls and send texts?

On certain data SIMs you can but it is important to check the tariffs for voice and texting first. The data SIMs are supplied for data usage so we do not display current tariff information and therefore suggest you do not use voice/text functionality or disable these features whilst using the SIM.

What do I do if I lose the SIM or it is stolen?

Firstly, report it as lost or stolen immediately. Unfortunately we cannot issue replacement SIM cards. You will have to purchase another SIM and, depending on network, we may be able to move credit from your old SIM to the new SIM.

How much is 1GB? 

Here's roughly what you get with 1GB:

  • Approximately one month of active GPS navigation (Google Maps or Waze)
  • 3000 minutes of Internet VoIP calls (Skype, Viber)
  • Viewing about 400 web pages
  • Listening to streamed internet radio for 30 hours
  • Sending/Receiving about 2000 emails
  • 10 hours of video chatting
  • Uploading 500 photos to social networks (Facebook, MySpace)