USA Data SIM Cards

Our USA data SIMs are ideal for accessing mobile data on the move using a laptop, tablet, mobile phone or for multiple users with a mifi in America.

There are two American data SIM deals to compare - the pre-paid USA data SIM including a 200MB data bundle from only £24.99 and with the ability to add further 200MB, 500MB or 1GB bundles on-line when required. Also covers Canada and Mexico and many other destinations.

For those needing more data the post-paid T.Mobile 4G USA data SIM comes with 6.5 GB of data and is unlimited offering massive savings compared to the £7.00pMB roaming charges UK networks charge for mobile data in the USA.

  • SIM only or SIM & mifi options
  • USA Data from £0.01pMB
  • Works in unlocked iPhones, smartphones, tablets or mifis
  • Control mobile data expenditure in the USA
  • Standard, micro and nano options available

Light Users

  • £24.99 Incl 200MB data
  • Data from £0.10pMB
  • Top up On-line
  • 3G USA data coverage
  • 200, 500MB &1GB top ups
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Heavy Users

  • Unlimited data £69.99
  • 4G data speeds
  • Ideal for high data consumption
  • Short term 30 day plan
  • T.Mobile USA coverage
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