Canadian 30 Day Data SIM Card

£89.99 /30days
+ £10.00 reservation fee

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What do I get?

  • A Rogers Canadian Data SIM card
  • Express set-up (48hrs Mon-Fri)
  • 5GB per 30 days for £89.99
  • Overage charge of just £0.20/MB
  • Set-Up Guide

Save 90% vs Roaming!

uk data roaming ratesUK networks charge up to £7.00/MB for mobile data use in Canada. Our Canadian data SIM equates to less than £0.02/MB so this means you could save up to 90% and more!

With our SIM card you get 5GB of data per 30 days and with overage rates of just £0.20pMB if you do require to use more than the 5GB in a 30 day period.

Recommended Usage

heavy data use recommendationsThe Canadian 30 Day data SIM card is ideal for people who want to use mobile data as they would in the UK. To discover how much data you need click here.

3GB can comfortably be used to make Voip Calls etc, just watch out for video streaming it will use 300MB+ per hour!

Unlocked Device

smartphone data usageJust insert the Canadian data SIM card into an unlocked USB dongle or MiFi device and away you go.

Unfortunately this SIM is not suitable for Smartphone usage and any costs incurred while doing so will be charged at the prevailing network overage rate. If you require clarification about device suitability please email us prior to purchase.

How does it work?

The 30 Day Canadian Data SIM card operates on a 30 day rolling plan from the delivery date.This means that you can either choose to continue your plan after 30 days by retaining the SIM card or cancelling your plan by returning the SIM card to us.

Order Process

Reserve your data SIM card. This costs £10.00 and covers the reservation of your SIM, special delivery and express set-up. Once you have reserved your SIM please complete the steps below.

Upload your Proof of I.D. For legal reasons you must provide proof of I.D, this could be a scanned copy of your passport, drivers license and a utility bill. Further information will be included in your reservation email.

Prepay & make deposit. Once you have uploaded your I.D, we require that you prepay for the SIM card and make a £100.00 fully refundable deposit to safeguard the return of the SIM card.

We will do the rest. Once we have received the above, Cellhire (see below) will process your order and deliver the SIM card. Often within 48hrs. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

data sim rentalTravel & Save! Take the data SIM card abroad and save a small fortune. Then choose if you wish to return the SIM or continue to use it on a pro-rata basis.

cellhire & 0044 The 30 Day Data SIM cards are brought to you by dataroam in conjunction with Cellhire, the world's largest provider of SIM card rental solutions. These exclusive data SIM cards are only available via and offer the best value data roaming available anywhere.

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