New Zealand Pre-Paid Data SIM card


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eKIT International data SIM

  • Data from £0.25/MB
  • $10.00 FREE credit
  • Save up to 90% compared to roaming!
  • Works in Smartphones, MiFi's, tablets & dongles
  • Top-Up Online

Quick Rates

Save 90%vs Roaming!

The eKIT International Data SIM Card offers data from just £0.25/MB in New Zealand and covers 160 countries world wide!

The SIM is perfect for use in the US and offers data in most European countries for £0.25/MB.

Recommended Usage

The New Zealand data SIM card is ideal for people who want to send basic emails, browse mobile web etc. To discover how much data you need click here.

If you need more data please take a look at our 30 Day International data SIM card.

Unlocked Device

unlocking advice for data simJust insert the eKIT International data SIM card into an unlocked smartphone (exc Blackberry), tablet, USB or MiFi device and away you go.

The eKIT International data SIM card is prepaid so there is no need to worry about 'Bill Shock'. If you wish to connect multiple devices at once check out our MiFi.

Data Bundles

Data Bundles provide you with a separate credit balance which is used for surfing the web, emailing, streaming music and videos and all other kinds of data usage on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

What’s more, because you’re buying more credit upfront our Data Bundles provide you with up to 200% additional bonus credit. See the table below for details.

  • Lite Data Bundle - $49 - get 35% FREE
  • Medium Data Bundle - $69 - Get 106% FREE
  • Heavy Data Bundle - $119 - Get 200% FREE

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