UK Data SIM Card - FREE!


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What do I get with the UK Data SIM?

  • A UK Data SIM card from MobiData
  • Includes 100Mb FREE UK 3G data for three months
  • Upgrade and receive an additional 100Mb roaming data free!
  • Roams in 39 countries incl...USA, Australia and across Europe
  • Plans can be upgraded to 1, 5 and 10GB UK data bundles

The MobiData SIM Card is perfect for people visiting the UK needing cost effective mobile data. The UK Data SIM Card includes 100Mb UK data free, each month for 3 months and can be upgraded after activation to larger 1, 5 or 10GB UK bundles. The 30 day rolling contract can be left at any time giving you full flexibility. The SIM will expire after 90 days if not upgraded so there's no long term commitment.

Save 90%vs Roaming!

When you activate a 1, 5 or 10GB MobiData plan it includes 100Mb of international data absolutely free!

Did you know many foreign networks charge $6.00/MB+ to roam in the UK? With our MobiData SIM you'll get 100Mb of free UK data included. You may then upgrade to a 1, 5 or 10GB UK data bundle after activation and this includes an additional 100MB of roamed data free to use outside the UK in 39 other countries. Once used up the SIM will automatically roam internationally at a flat rate of £0.15pMB.

Recommended Usage

The UK data SIM card is ideal for people who are visiting the UK and want to use an unlocked smartphone or tablet to send emails, browse mobile web and call / SMS home. To discover how much data you need click here.

If you need more data upgrade plans are available for larger UK bundles and include the ability to roam with a bonus 100MB roamed data.

Unlocked Device

Just activate online, insert the UK data SIM card into an unlocked smartphone (excluding blackberry), tablet, USB or MiFi device and away you go. MobiData will email you when you have used 50/85/100% of your monthly UK data package and so you'll be protected against any unplanned expenditure in the UK. You'll also receive an email alert confirming you have used up your 100MB of international data when abroad. Once you upgrade to a 1,5 or 10GB UK data bundle you'll be billed monthly unless you cancel the connection via a simple phone call or email. If you wish to connect multiple devices to your MobiData SIM then check out our MiFi.

Additional Data Bundles are available at activation and provide the lowest cost UK 3G data at less than £0.01pMB;

  • 1GB £4.94
  • 5GB £14.94
  • 10GB £19.70

Delivery is free but we can only deliver to UK addresses. However, if you need it delivered to a hotel, office or friend's address then please include those details when you sign up.

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